GTA IV Pedestrians

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Why has nobody ever thought of porting pedestrian models from Grand Theft Auto IV and expansions to Source? People don’t have a problem with vehicles and props, but the population of Liberty City needs love too. That’s why it dawned on me recently of how useful a megapack like this would be as a replacement for the limited bog standard HL2 citizens; they just simply don’t cut it anymore.

Think about it: GTA IV is loaded with random characters like construction workers, police officers, firemen, paramedics, hookers, hobos, bikers, gang members, everyday citizens, etc. It’s like a smorgasbord of characters that can be used for almost any kind of situation. Plus with the plethora of skins and bodygroups, they’d function just like the Postal 3 pedestrians, only way less cartoon-y and way more of them.

I would love to see somebody work with this idea. And when GTA V comes out on PC, we can expand it even further.

A lot of people thought that the models were too low-detailed to be worth all the effort.

this should answer your question

GTA V’s pedestrians have more detail and bodygroups, but there’s no good ways of getting their file type imported into 3ds max and then into wallworm yet. Maybe when it releases on PC.

Like they said, GTA 4 models are really low quality. Just wait for the GTA 5 PC release, people will have model exporting up and running in no time.

The game is set for release on January 27. GTA is a pretty big game and it has a sizable amount of mods so it shouldn’t take too long to have tools working for it.

…Oh well. It was still worth a shot anyway. Plus it’s been a while since I’ve owned the game and I thought the graphics were good enough for Source.

Open IV has some pretty nice tools for the peds, it looks like the skinning + bones go into Max intact fairly well… but they’re right. The heads looks look worse than HL2 Citizens :confused:

Now that I’ve got GTA IV stuff loaded up would people be interested in the roads/buildings?

Chunks of scenery would be pretty useful for scenebuilding in GMod/SFM.

Got a lot of progress done.

Would it be better if I put this through wallworm or exported it as models?

I used wall worm to port GTA5’s downtown, worked well for me. Remember to scale it up about 34x though.

Would anyone be able to extract building models from mods?

Yeah, some extra buildings would be nice. Though I think several have been ported, already.

I’ve been trying to find a way to port the World Trade Center mod for GTA IV into an OBJ or FBX with textures but I’ve had no luck.

It’s really easy, if you look up OpenIV the tools are all there to help you get it into 3dsmax…

I haven’t been able to get entire blocks out yet, I’ve done a bunch of tests on individual buildings and they’ve compiled fine but they don’t look any good without bumpmaps/specmaps. Also, a lot of the times the buildings have to be compiled in pieces since they go over the 32 textures per model limit, I could remove some of the textures but the buildings don’t look so great without the detail added to them.

Also school is in the way so this is on hold for me for a while.