Gta IV, TBOGT, TLAD Models and stuff

Yo guys, i dont know if someone have already asked this cus im new on this site… anyway.
i played alot gta… and i just love the characters so… i just wondering if someone could do this?
it would be great… just if you got time or that stuff…
“this is what i think about”

[Tony prince]

[Luis lopez]

[Jonny Klebitz]


[Yusuf Amir]

[Ashley Butler]

that is everthing i wish…
and thanks for you time

Support like hell!

tony is Awesome!

Yufus to!

Yusuf not Yufus but yeah i support too

jaja writted wrong

I support this with my life :smiley:

I got the models and textures of all those characters, but I suck at rigging, if anyone wants a try? I will post the files in a moment.

I also ported some new peds, no major character, just the peds that appear in the new episodes, if you want them for personal skin and stuff?

cough… apparently ps3 porting is possible… just needs a massive mem stick and doing things to the console that im not disclosing incase of ban but yeah you can get higher quailty models than if it was from xbox

sounds good man

Fuck off, we dont want you here.

Ok, I just need someone to rig them, in the mean time, I can get you pictures.

sure man… thanks for your help man.

a)The models and textures are most likely the same.
b)Why the hell would you want to dink around with consoles when you have it on the pc with tools that can easily transfer the filetype to SMD? Well apart from TLAD which probably doesn’t have a PC version but even so…

@ghilie - out of curiosity why not use the original rigs?

Original rig?

Sorry dude, I just get the models, I dont know all this skeleton or rigging things :confused:

Oh, just an FYI, last year EFLC was released for PC, so yes, I got the models dude.

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How many gays and guidos models we have on Gmod? Because I also got them:



As dumb as this statement is already, the 360 is said to have better graphics for GTAIV, richer colors etc.

Speaking of IV…
No one’s really done a port of the LCPD and NOOSE people (and vehicles), nor of most of the cars (Dean did a few), nor of any in-game girlfriends (and that goes for all of them, from the ones in the original IV to the ones in the TBOGT DLC)

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I wholly agree. XBOX 360 ELITE OWNER.

Nor the gays, nor the guidos, nor the multiplayer characters, nor the LCPD, nor the most detailed peds, nor the girlfriends, nor the motoryclist, nor the FIB, nor the bouncer, nor the disco guys

I did NOOSE a while ago but the helmets never smoothed right, the LCPD look like midget chimps because of their proportions with citizen heads


any updates?
someone who got time to rigg or are good?

fuck i just want those characters… would do anything to get them!

me to man… me to

We need Henrique and Armando to those guys are Awesome!