GTA LCS PS2 .Mdl files ?

If you give me a help, I recently exported almost all GTA3PS2.img game files for GTA LCS PS2 to an exporter (but the exporter crash in 626 model for overload), but my files are in. Mdl (models) and .CHK (textures) but the textures could extract.

Anyone know how to import these files, I have MilkShape

Sorry for the bad English

use the pc version, there are more tools for this.

so basicly if you want to extract from any game you just go to the PC verion of that game ? ? ?

Is more easy, there are more tools , the are more info…

thanks how long you’ve been extracting models ?

GTA LCS is a PSP/PS2 exclusive. I know it’s possible to extract models, but I dont know how.

Use this:

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And this for textures:

ohh back to the PSP games i see.
they are the easiest games to extract from :slight_smile:
here’s a tutorial on how to extract models from ANY psp game : enjoy:

1- download the psp ISO of the game.

2-download an Emulator called JPCSP psp emulator.usually the newest versions:

3-under configuration settings, you go on the media tab.

4-select export textures as png

5-and the rest is whatever makes the ISO run on your computer.(have to be good settings)

6-Once you do that, just run your ISO in your emulator

7-under files, select extract / export scene.

8-You’ll find a static obj file under the export folder with whatever was on screen in-game with all the assigned textures

9-If you have 3DS Max 2011 and up, once you import, it’ll load all your textures in the right place. *Unless you do single mesh import

10-then if there were opacity textures, occasionally, it will blend and require you to manually assign textures.*

11-This works for any ISO, not just Ghost of sparta.

12-you can actually rip all the models, levels and weapons no problem. Just be warned, JPCSP is an incredibly laggy emulator, so just a heads up.

hope this helps.if you managed to extract the models please post your work here. thanks :slight_smile:

thanks for Doakes for the tutorial :slight_smile:

end of discussion . have a nice day OP. :slight_smile:

Using the actual tools is way easier and quicker.

but he wants the models from the PS2 version.i mean PS2 and PSP model are HQ quality so the models are similiar.
from my advice he should extract from the PSP Version.:smile:

No, the PS2 models textures are higher quality in this case. And why would the PSP models ever be higher quality?

its only the textures that makes a big deal.

Well, I started to see. CHK files with the program GTA Stories Texture explorer (Thanks simkas for the link)

And I found something interesting, some files are marked as IG (In Game) and CS (cutscene) and other files unchecked (some in white and other unchecked)

I’ve noticed after 3 or 4 times to find the same Toni texture but they were both marked and one not, and perhaps also finds beta version of CS Hero Costume (going to be blue with a red T, rather than the original version)


For that you need a program to open the. PS2/PSP IMG version (Img Tool of the PC version does not work to open the GTA LCS / VCS .IMG) and one for the texture (the GTA LCS/VCS texture files for PS2/PSP is different)

I use LCS_Exporter to export GTA3PS2.IMG models but the PS2 version (not sure if the PSP version does the same)

But to export LCS/VCS files for PSP this requires.:eng101:

  1. UMD Dumper
  2. UMDGen (Google search is your friend)
  3. LCS / VCS Tex (Needed to look at the texture files) (Made by Aru)
  4. YAIE (Needed to extract / edit LCS / VCS IMG files) (Made by Dustin Holden)
  5. UNIMG (Only needed if you need to extract. LVZ files) (Made by Aru)

This is going to take a good while, If this is the model I want to imagine the vehicles

i’m telling you everybody just use my tutorial posted above its easy and fast and don’t require any hacking or tools.
it works on any psp games.
people used it to extract the models from unextractable games like metal gear solid and God of War.

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**Elcard100 **
good work is that salvator or vinnie ?

Toni with his mafia outfit (I started with him first but I take a while to fix it, I only need to repair the Toni UV and I finish it, then vinnie, salvatore or JD O’Toole)

vehicles on if it took more time to repair, but at least I could almost fix this (If I find the tires I can put it in the model)

I thought it was the Kuruma by the resemblance

but then I saw that is the Forelli Exsess

you know how to smooth a model ?

yes, but the problem is that this model his suit is destroyed if smooth edges, so I have to try not to break


so let me get this straight :
you used the tools posted above by simkas to extract the models and textures ?

models and was extracted before with an exporter, but the rest was for the tools that posted simkas