Grand Theft Auto 5 Map

3DS Max 2016 scenes
Customize>preferences>General set spinners precision to 4 decimal places.

Requires some manual repairs, Used position Information from XtremToolBox - Transmet. Script to autoplace loaded models. no textures included.




23,000 Coordinates have no objects assigned. display #N/A instead of models names.

That’s quite good, shame it will not be of any use to us at the moment, we will have to wait for source 2 to load this shit :v:

I would use this for animating so reapplying its textures are gonna be a headache but importing this ingame? Fuck that nonsense. I’m not a mapper but I’m pretty sure with the million textures rockstar made with the map you’ll sure have a good time importing this but like portugalotaku said source 2 is our best bet

Never mind the fact that this is unlikely to even compile as an sfm model, and the sfm model compiler can take up to 300k poly models without sweating.
Even making a rough recreation in brushes would take an ungodly amount of work.

Hmm true that. The best thing that lies with this map model is most likely animating or for those 12yo minecraft wannabeanimators to use this to create their shitty into for their 2 sub channel but oh well. But is source 2 confirmed and is gmod 2 an actual thing? I’m hearing mixed inputs about this all

Is Source 2 confirmed?

Bruh, Dota 2 has been running on Source 2 for like a year.

That new VR thing valve released is also source 2.
Gmod 2 is still being worked on from what I know.

Shit I must be living under a dywane johnson

Can anyone upload in another mirror the “GTA MAP” map file? it’s impossible to download without a mega premium account.

  1. This thread’s been dead for a while, dude. Make sure to check the date of the last post before you bump the thread.

  2. You don’t need a premium account to download it. If anything, you may want to download MegaSYNC just to speed up the download process, but that’s about it.

Oh, sry. i’will try the MegaSYNC. Sorry again and thanks :slight_smile: