GTA V Rip Assistance

I have no idea where to start. The threads of ripping GTA models were from when GTA V wasn’t even on PC yet. Can I get some help here. I’m using Blender.

OpenIV can open GTA 5 archives.
From there you can export the objects to .ydr/.yft, then you can convert them to .dff using this YTD/YDR/YDD/YFT converter to be opened in 3ds Max with this [URL=]script

He is using Blender…

Hey, no worries. I found a script that opens .dff’s in Blender. I’ve extracted the textures into .bmp. It’s a slow “learn as you go” process, but I’m getting there.

Just curious… does the extracted .dff have the in-game skeleton and weights when exported using the converter?

Arghh, this is annoying. I can’t find all the textures that the Flatbed truck has. Anyone care to rip it for me?

Nope, just the mesh.

Hi fluffygods, may i ask you what this script is, as i’m also looking for a DFF Blender script?

How do I deal with 3d models that have been extracted from the game itself and then converted with YTD/YDR/YDD/YFT converter…but that are considered as Non-Standard DFF by Kam’s Scripts?

Would be nice if we could get our hands on GTA V models . Hope to see some coming soon. Props or anything ( props i wud really like to have anything in general )

Use z2g converter to make them compatible with kam’s script: