GTA5 civilian model porting tutorial?

So, I’m interested in getting some of the citizens from GTA out and port them to SFM.
I looked around a little and couldn’t find a straight forward tutorial on how to extract the models.

The GTA V archives, as far as I can tell, are still locked. You can peek inside, but you can’t extract anything.

GTA V uses a new encryption method, IIRC models can’t be exported yet. There’s a new version of OpenIV that’ll add support pretty soon.
You could do it for GTA IV though, with 3ds max and GIMS.

I’m pretty sure it works with the Ps3/Xbox 360 models though

And then use the high res textures of the PC version. Profit?

If you wait patiently then you don’t need to go through the hassle of extracting from consoles just for content you’ll change as soon as you have access to the PC content. Besides, if you wait for HD textures, you’re still waiting anyway.

Through the hassle? When you have the archives it’s as simple as extracting the PC models (of IV for example). I also doubt R* has changed much (mesh wise) on the NPC models apart from higher res textures which can be looked at already.