GTA5 Handling on GMod

Would it be possible to have very similar handling to GTA5 in GMod? Or are the two handling systems too different to duplicate on GMod?

I’m sure that even if it was possible (Which I doubt it is) it would be incredibly difficult to do.

You could do it but you’d have to write your own vehicle framework of sorts which most people aren’t willing to deal with or have the skills to do.

Yeah I kind of assumed it would be pretty difficult to do!

Actually it’s quite easy to do. Use simfphys and modify the code for the cars until its how you want it to be.

good idea :v:

The outcome of it would just result in a Heavy FPS unless you can optimize it

For simfphys, yeah you can do it like that. It’s in a way easier or harder if you use ACF and Wiremod to build a car though. They handle realistically, but if you put fin tool on the wheels you sure as hell could make it handle like in GTA.
You have to build the car first though, and it’s extremely hard to master. Unlike normal cars that come with the game, you have to tinker with these to get performance, not just add more zeros on the power constant.

scars are the closest to GTA handling, and it’s still a far cry from what you’d get in a rockstar game. Good luck finding an amateur lua developer to make a 1:1 driving mod to GTA in a game built on an engine not meant for driving in.

In my opinion scars feels like some vehicle you would have in GoldSrc. Feels like a big piece of metal that (BELIVE IT OR NOT!) can actually turn if you hold A or D! Probably furthest away from GTA handling in gmod. Or any handling for that matter.

SCars feel great in my opinion. The only issue is that they are dependent on the server’s tickrate and anything below 60 (10-30 is what most server providers nowadays try to peddle) make them really shitty and unresponsive.