GTF Apollo port
I ported the Apollo from freespace 1. One texture messed it up because it was a PCX and i had to do some converting an stretching.

Taken from Descent: Freespace Tech room

EDIT:V2 is here :smiley:

That’s…extremely detailed

Sorry, the textures from the game are from 1998 and are in a very old format, i have no idea where to find the game’s high-def addon textures :frowning:

V2 is out! download nao! updated the op!

I don’t think the Apollo has been HTL’d yet… you’d be better off porting some of the redone ships like the Medusa, Loki, Perseus, etc.

Good job just for honoring a classic though.

I’m right now trying the HTL herc, but it looks like CRAP!