gtk radiant compared to hammer?

Hey guys, I used to map a lot for the Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast/Academy games. I loved GTK Radiant and had a great interface. I want to start mapping in hammer but I am worried that it will turn out as bad as other map editors I have tired. I am on a mac but will soon duel boot windows so I can’t try out hammer right now so I wanted to ask if anyone has used both GTK Radiant and hammer and tell me if they are similar? I have been stalking around the map forums and have heard references to trigger brushes, that makes me happy because I am used to trigger brushes from GTK radiant.

Now that I think of it, I forget that Source is a modified Quake engine and that GTK Radiant is for the Quake series…


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I haven’t used GTK Radiant in 6-7 years, but from the way I remember it and comparing it to Hammer, they are very different. Aside from both Hammer and GTK being additive editors (compared to UED being subtractive) they really don’t share much in common. The viewports are somewhat similar, but work differently.

Radiant has a steeper learning curve than Hammer does, so you’ll probably be able to figure out hammer pretty quickly.

I dunno about GTK but I got used to hammer’s interface in less than a day so it must be easy!