Gtoken, Pick up and store.

Hey, thank you for viewing this thread.
ok, im ok/good at mapping, but i know nothing about lua.

Basicly, i have made my own sort of currency on a map im currently creating.
they have custom textures. from 1Gtoken, 10Gtoken, 100 Gtoken, 1000Gtoken and so on.

What i basicly want is a system that lets players collect these Gtokens in a sort of Inventory.
They can open up a little Window menu and see all the coins that they have in there.

They can also drop the coin on the floor. so they can trade it to another person and then the other person can pick up the coin and place it in their inventory.

These Gtokens are used for restricted items from the Admins on the map.

This picture shows the Gtoken, its about the same size as a speed sign.
it can be picked up by the grav gun.
on the map there are certain points were you can drop the Gtoken in to activate things.

This is a very rough idea
but this is the kind of system i want.
i could’nt be botherd going on gmod to get screenshots of the menus.
so i just gatherd what i could just to show you a rough guide.

As the player picks the Gtoken up, it dissapears and enters the Inventory of the player were they can see it.
If the player wants to drop it, to give to someone. it dissapears out of the inventory and spawns infront of the player.

Also last thing. I need it to save information about the player, if they disconnect and come back they will still have the Gtokens in there inventory.

Thank you, Please notify me if anyone is up for this challenge.

[SA] Furrydouble

I don’t think the G token should be round, it should be the shape of the GMod sign. That would make it neater, and possibly a bit smaller. They look huge to me.

They should gold cubes with a G on 3 of the sides and the Value on the other sides, and a little bigger than a soda can.
That are being secksey toekans

That inventory looks ugly.

Instead of making a map item, make it a model, so we can actually use it in Lua.