GARRY —> We want GTux!

Who’s with me on Garry’s Mod for linux?
Now GMac is out it wouldn’t be such a hassle ti convert it to GTux.

Wouldent it be GLux?

Theres linux servers already, but im fairly sure the source engine isnt fully compatible with linux yet (rendering?)

Tux stands for linux:
And I actually mean that the next step should be GTux when GMac is running fairly

Yay for Garry in advance!

It won’t be ported until source is ported to Linux.

And Valve said they are not going to port source to Linux.


i hope this happens

They said not this year, I don’t know when. On their site it said they were looking for people to port Source to Linux, but it never happened.

I too hope this (souce4lin) happens, but it think valve is going to plan it so that all the other big hit on the horizon have passed (eg portal 2, w/e other big game comes on steam)
So that would put the eta around 2011 or 2012.
Thought I’m already happy if they only finish steam4lin.

lets riot at valve’s office to make sure this happens

Lets do that so that it will NEVER be done

if you look at it that way…