GTweet - GMod Twitter Addon




:siren: Yet a Beta! :siren:

I coded this the last few days since I didn’t like how the other Twitter Addon froze GMod for every query.
The problem here was that LevyBreak used the Socket sub-module called ‘http’.

My version isn’t finished yet, but works flawlessly at its current state.

Function List:
[ul]3 Viewmodes:
[list]1 - Short
[li]2 - Full
[/li][li]3 - Advanced[/ul]
[/li][li]Click features:
[/li][ul]Either choose once or double-click
[li]Clickable Usernames / Hashtags
[/li][li]Choose what you want to do if you click at Avatars
[/li][li]Tweet splitting:
[/li][ul]If the message is longer than 140 chars, split it into multiple tweets[/ul]
[li]‘Back’ Feature:
[/li][ul]Go back like in a browser, very usefull, doesn’t need to reload[/ul]
[li]Built-in browser:
[/li][ul]Click on links and they will open here[/ul]
[li]Account management:
[/li][ul]View tweets from all accounts at once
[li]Choose account to tweet with[/ul]
[/li][li]Url shortener - choose betwheen:
[/li][li]Other stuff, will post more about it later…

Release Date: Unknown
Version: Beta v1
SVN: Yet not done, svn repo will be here
Download: Not available.

If you wish anything, post it here and I’ll try to implement it in the public relase - when it’s done.


Ah, you’ve been busy then. ^^

looks nice.
The twitter limit is 140 not 150 btw.

150 API calls, my fault.

For when alt+tab becomes too much work…

Nobody uses twitter.
It’s dumb.

Facebook same thing + chat

I like this dem dere addon.

No YOU don’t use twitter, people like you piss me off. That said I don’t even use it myself, but if people want to how does it hurt you?

Awesome job :smiley:

As the Heavy would say, “You did well!”. (Or “You dead, no big surprise!”… either one).

Twitter is awesome.

Very nice.

This looks sweet, even through that I don’t use Twitter.

Why does anyone use twitter anyway?

Because it’s so simple.

But for the people who use it or just wanna mess around with cool fun addons like this, it’s a warm addition to garrysmod community generated addons. Some common sense man…

I suggest gameplay updates limited by the 150 hourly api call ceiling, such as:

  • gamemode achievement such as K/D ratio in a whole round (such as fortwars or other things)
  • Something you built in sandbox that takes you half an hour to make could be posted as 56 props used, dimensions (x,x,x) determined by using all of the attached props’ OBB Min&Max, just support like this would be nice.

Good luck on dealing with Twitter’s API.

Honestly, why would people reading your twitter care about your KD or props?

No idea, oh and i made IRC interface too the last days (only using socket module…)

Pretty sweet. Is it client side?

Yes fully clientside.