[GU] 25/7 Role Play server.

I have a RP server that has RP_EvoCity2_v2d on it and it is running good just need more players.


We need more info please. >.>


(Sorry for double post!!)
I’ll come join and check it out.


LOL! That server is in my favorites. :smiley:
I’ll come join and play for a bit.
Can I has admun? :buddy:

If you play on it some more. The addons are on my site (www.guupload.com/Jason/addons.html). I also have fueled mod and scars. Drugz is on there to.


Just tell me if you need any more info.


I also have a Fort Wars server that is still in beta.


At least your not claiming for it to be serious, because it isn’t.

if you want to ban wafflezz heres his ip

I know it is not. I’m having a good friend of mine script a nice RP gamemode.

Mai name is Jason as well! I think I will check out your server sometime!