Guadalcanal, September 1942.

Hi everyone, this is my first artwork. Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think about

where did u get that m1 carbine

Well the posing is mostly alright but the guy with the M1 Carbine in the middle has his wrist twisted.Besides that i have no qualms though i think you could have put some IJA corpses and/or a destroyed Japanese tank to contradict the calm scenery.

why does this guy look like hes got centaur legs

there simply is no proper lighting on the dudes, and that makes them stick out even worse than they otherwise would.

should avoid using huge photo backgrounds unless you somehow manage to make the game elements literally photorealistic

Not bad, but I agree with Joazzz, there’s no lighting, which in turn doesn’t cast shadows, which makes the picture just look kinda off. Also there’s a historical inaccuracy, the US Marines in the early years of WW2 were severely underfunded compared to other branches of the US Military. So instead of giving them M1 Garands, they would have been using the Springfield M1903.

There’s no lighting because you literally photoshoped the guys into a picture. Try making the scene in Gmod yourself for a better result

He’s mid-transform. That’s why he’s all hunched over like that. Everyone else looks uneasy because they knew it was coming.

i will not make a scene in Gmod. I prefer a real setting.

Well, that’s gonna be pretty difficult. It’s one thing if you want to use a green screen and put a custom skybox in the background, but otherwise you’ll want to build the scene yourself in game.

then you’ve got the wrong software mate, because default GMod looks like shit and combining that shit with real photos will look even more shit.

here’s a GMod-built environment done with some proper effort - you can’t achieve this level of quality with cheap greenscreen tricks. and “i don’t want to put effort into my stuff it’s just a hobby” is not an excuse that will fly here.

i like the way i use. And it’s not a “scuse”. It’s the truth “mate”

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Trust me when I say you’ll almost never get a better result using real photographs as backgrounds instead of scenebuilding. There’s just too much conflict between the garbo source models and actual real photographs. Your awkward posing, weird resolution scaling, and artifacts on the cuts don’t really help either

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And I’m not sure if that attitude will go for long here.

and where is the problem? i can make a lot of accounts

And the mods can ban them all, stop being a children. You asked for comments and thoughts about your work yet you’re complaining because people are telling you what needs to be improved.

They ban, i make :wink: