Guard choking female Spy after she discovers the drug money.

Nothing special, off to work on other games. Working on three right now.
“Rainbow Six” for P.C.
“Infected” for P.S.P.
and “Stanglehold” for P.C.
Not going to post anything for awhile, going to work on those. :buddy:

wheres mary
oh that is mary

looks like it should belong in the smut thread.

That bitch aint gettin ma’ money!

Her leg looks weird, not much posing at all tbh. I was hoping to see more action lol meh.

I bet he is choking her with something.


Fears is at his merciless killing again :slight_smile:

Posing on the dead one is wierd


with his cock

Rated informative.

Mabey that’s why her tounge is out?

Posing is boring and the story is non existent.

Both camera angles suck. Really badly.

Looks raping

You’re not working on Rainbow six.

How do you “work” on a game anyway?

shit tons of code, c++… :confused:

I’m assuming that Fear isn’t creating the games he listed though…

Hes pretending to be Ubisoft or whoever the game devs are?

Im suprised

Lol I didn’t say that! I’m just questioning his strange choice of words.

He IS pretending to be ubisoft

If Fear worked at Ubisoft then there would be more games about rape, incest and murdering innocents, as well as more games with characters in it wielding Desert Eagles and twirling knives.