Guard Duty - A generic name for a generic screenshot

Decided to try to pose some simple stuff. My first pose don’t be too hard. :ohdear:

The same thing but with some editing from AaronM202 (Implying the Batter’s Helmet and Bonk! Atomic Punch’s were stolen.)


C & C Please.

Can’t see shit.

Why the hell is Scout blurred?
Also, jagged edges, turn your graphics up.
Also, what is he doing?

I don’t completely understand why it’s called guard duty.

Looks like fall behind a desk duty

I just noticed the arrow. It only took me 3 minutes.

  1. He’s blurred because I was hitting random buttons to see the outcome. This is more just a test than an actual pose.

  2. Yeah I haven’t messed with the graphics since I last installed GMod

  3. He’s just throwing the baseball up in the air and catching it. You’ve never done that?

Anyway, the lighting is crap because I didn’t do anything with it, this is a half-hearted attempt of a test. I made the thread because I wanted to see if I was on the right track.

I didn’t see the ball. Silly me.

if he’s throwing it up, shouldnt his hand be facing upwards to simulate a throwing motion or to catch said ball?

Well I put his hand like that to say he just finished flipping the ball up, and it doesn’t take all that much force to make a baseball go a little ways.

Anyways I know about the arrow being very subtle. How would I go about making it stand out a bit more? While we’re here, how would I go about actually doing edits to the screenshot?


Switched the images around, the edited one is thumbed now.


Also just realized the Batter’s Helmet and Bonk! Atomic Punch’s are all RED models. Not BLU.

I didn’t notice the ball either. Here’s a tip, don’t cover up the main character’s face.

  1. should of had a little bit of motion blur there
  2. he stole them :v:


here i edited it for ya’


you like?

Yeah that doesn’t look too bad. Motion blur isn’t great but I doubt you put more than 2 minutes into this. Good idea putting the bullethole in the helmet.

BTW the images didn’t look horrible until I uploaded them and put them on FP. The image type is JPEG if that means anything.

like what i did with the spilled Bonk!?
no one ever notices the open cap while posing those, and forget to add spilled bonk
and i did add spilled bonk


am i the only one to make spilled Bonk! ?

I think I’ve seen spilled Bonk before. And yes I noticed. Have a cookie.

om nom nom, om nom