Guardian Angel (L4D)

Not enough emotion in these L4D poses.
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If anyone needs someone to pose for their comics and shit, I am available for free.

That is some really sweet lighting and posing.

pretty damn good

His face reminds me of Nicholas Cage.

I love the second one. It seems…just more dramatic.


holy shit it does


Do I win

Picture is nice, the concept is pretty sweet.

A. **Stop advertising
B. Notice how It’s **THEIR **comics made by THEM
C. Who the hell would hire someone to pose something for them

The way he holds her is defying gravity

should hold her torso instead of her head

This is pretty good. Love the concept. Have wood.

Damn you Source shadows! :doom: They look kinda ugly around Nick’s legs.
But the rest of the lights look awesome, and the angle looks nice.

You mad

Drop dead beautiful.
(lol pun)

It’s okay. You kinda went a bit crazy with the burning though.

Just awesome.

It’s sniff beautiful!

Reminded me of max payne kinda.

Very nice.

if his neck wasn’t so fat, he could look like house

reminds me of the end of DOOM

BAD! -> ASS!


lol lazy assholes like me :buddy: