Guardian of the Golden Unicorn

First try with Downsampling. Just click at the Pic!

Very good work, I like it.

The arrows stuck to the sides of the dragon were a nice touch.

The dragon’s back is pixelated in a very ugly manner but otherwise it’s very very nice.

yeah. that pic is made as a request. so is the Dragon model. unfortunately it’s got
ugly close up textures.


Where’d you get all that treasure stuff?

Hmm … from here and there! Fallout NV, Duke Nukem, Super Mario Pack,
Sonic Generations, DM:MM and a lot of other Prop Packs.
As a side note: I wonder why nobody rated it funny. have a closer look … :wink:

If you mean the gnome I saw it the first time, it’s just not really funny.

nope … not this …