Guardsman under attack from angry antlions (+ a shit-load of edits)

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All of the other inferior edits follow below (joke - you know I love you guys <3):

the-dutch-guy: [media][/media]
The Castro: [media][/media]
Hairybastard: [media]

Thanks again, fellas! C&C please.


Excellente. :buddy:

Solid :cheers:
palettes for you!

castro’s is the only edit I like

Are those models not face poseable? Otherwise, not bad.

Whe…where did you get those?! I must have the guards men!

On topic, nice posing and editing.

Not to bitch but, the lasgun (Flash light) shoots a red laser… Anyways, looks cool.

Sadly not but I quite like the Guardsman’s stern face. It shows his unyielding service to the Holy Emperor.

It’s the Crysis marine model, but I made the skin for it. It shall be released fairly soon.

It’s not a lasgun. It’s an Imperial Chesty Carbine Mk IV.

Thanks for the comments so far, everyone!

Antlions are always angry. Some sweet textures you got there. Hard to say, but I have to go with the first pic as the best. Antlion blood splatter is great. But the rest is nice to. Edit is good as always.

You should use some water references for the blood so it looks at least a little shiny

Can you elaborate? How exactly would I use the references?

I wish I could make pictures like you and have decent photoshop skills. And photoshop :razz:

Hairybastard wins.

I like chestys edit the most. hairybastard gets the second place, followed by the castro, then zerafixy and the-dutch-guy

Both Hairy’s and Chesty’s edits are really nice, but I will go for Chesty’s since his blood is less blurry.

I like Chesty’s edit the best. Now, release that goddamn skin.

It ain’t done yet! I have changed the insignia now and the normal maps still need to be tweaked (and both versions of the skin hexed).

Guys, this isn’t a competition, by the way. I was just posting all the other edits in one thread seeing as it got so many.