Guardsmen walking through an Imperial City.


Hahaha, the title got me.
Have a funny.


Gracias for using my reskins. I like those Combine weapon models with them.

:smiley: Thank you. I’m planning on using these further more. They are excellent if I must say, my good cheeze. c:

yeah those skins are sexy

Where’s the criminal scum?

I lol’d.

Title got me as well. Good posing and prop placement in the background.

Not a big fan of 40K stuffs, but it looks good :smiley:


holdin it… WILL BE HAHD.

Aw dang. Could have sworn this was going to be about The Elder Scrolls. but nice pic anyway man. have a wood.

Hmm, simple but nice. I like it, have another pallet.