Guerillaz Gamemode


A horde type gamemode where a squad of 6 (or so, depending on total players) soldiers armed with tacticool weapons and equipment are put against 40 to 60 (10 to 1 odds) of insurgents/guerillaz armed with shit weapons mostly consisting of melee and explosives. Insurgents will be both players and AI.

The objective is for the soldiers to run out the clock and hold the center village from waves of insurgents, and the opposing side’s objective is to take the point/kill all the soldiers.

Currently featuring 1 middle eastern themed map, with prefab based modular buildings.

Right now I’ve primarily just been toying with content, mapping and assets.




Terry looks good in uniform NGL… Can’t wait to survive the onslaught

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good look with the accessories, hopefully the changes to the rig are not too drastic when they are done.
but yeah cool progress, i have been having a gander at it while you been making it, also earlier when you put the glasses on and i was staring at the mouth through the balaclava trying to think of what i reminded me of, i now remember…
chop socky chooks…

Playing as insurgents doesn’t sound really great tbh. If you’re just cannon fodder then it becomes an endless loop of unfun death. Maybe if there were classes like a L4D2 Versus but NPC insurgents as the fodder (which would be the Zombies) and player insurgents which would be almost on par with the soldiers (which would be the special zombies). Of course this setting doesn’t allow for crazy mechanics to exist, but it’s just an idea.