Guess Who Thread

Take a picture which has little clues on it to make the character recognizable, don’t make it obvious. Here we go:

is it nixon/john f kennedy from black ops

Lol that was fast

cool concept i guess, but it could have been better if youd had a whole bunch of anonymous suits like that around a meeting table or something. this is very plain for a separate thread

You are right but i expected people to share theirs too :v: I’ll post more.

we don’t do “post your X” threads here

You tell em’ Cletus. We dun want no out of towners with dem fancy shoes to come here and contest our good old ways of livin.

well i’m not really opposed to change, just saying it’s not the sort of thing we’ve done here before

To be honest I’d rather move on with the thread.

New ideas are usually better than old ones.

awful generalization tbh