Guest passes for Gmod?

so a few friends of mine wish to try Gmod before they even think about buying it but i don’t want to lend my steam account to them or buy them the game in case they don’t like it (i let my school buddy borrow my steam account didn’t get to play on it for half a year before you ask “why in the hell would you lend your account?”).

so could it be possible for a 3-4 day guest pass for people who own Gmod to send to their friends? or is that something that valve has to implement?

You could always have them try gmod9. If they like that they can buy the full version.

Yeah your a dumbass for letting your freinds use your steam account. So I think the reason why there isnt a guest pass for gmod is because you can get gmod 9.

What the fuck it’s ten bucks isn’t it. Make them buy it if they hate it it’s only ten dollars there will never be a guest pass for something worth so little money.

Get gmod 9

$10 is the range of “If I don’t like it, it was $10, so who cares anyway”. Just show them a video or something.

Surprisingly I’ve seen a bunch of kids in the gmod steam chat that whine because not even they can get the $10. Insane.

Everyone says its 10 dollars. Its 14 pounds to play it. Because you need package with source engine game aswell.

Unless you already have a source game.

Regardless, if you can’t afford fucking GARRY’S MOD, then you’re obviously under 12.

well if they can afford Hl2 Hl2DM and Css just to try out Gmod then shouldn’t they just get Gmod10

I can afford Garry’s mod! I’m 11 :downs:

hmm… Mature community degeneration implementing in -23 seconds.

I’ve been playing GMod for well over two years. I’ve been going out with my girlfriend for three months and spent double that on a Christmas present for her. Do the math - GMod is cheap.