GUI login and PHP(or mysql)

Hello, sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn’t find it, anyway…
I would like to create a login panel that shows up when a user joins, and will not let them play until they login(registrations are not done in-game, so no worries with that), now, I think I should be abled to create the panel, but I do not know how to send data to and from the clientside and serverside scripts. I have also found a mysql plugin, but if it is possible, I would like to send the data to and from PHP, so I can check stuff easier(I find mysql connections rather easy, as I have used php for quite a while), I will store the player data in a table thing, I cannot remeber the function, but it saves the player data and is accessible / writable from the client and player(I can look this up later). So, can anyone help me out(before you start about stuff like “steam ID’s”(Not saying you will), a few of my bro’s use the same steam account, and also, alot of specific data will be saved / used).


Actually, I thought of something…
I could freeze the player on join, and then send them some form of message telling them to go into the console and type the login command, then unfreeze them if they login successfully. This could remove pretty much everything clientside…(don’t worry, all people that will play on my server will have their console enabled, as its not a public server…its for a “club” sort of thing)
So, the only thing I’d really need the help on then, is sending and receiving data from PHP

BTW, I think the avatar for users that don’t have avatars is well…strange and kind of lol…

Okay, I got it myself…I just used GET and the default HTTP method for GMOD, it seems to provide what I want. I tried with luasocket, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the socket to connect to rather than just :smiley: