gui.OpenURL not taking focus on text inputs or drop menus

I am adding a tab to Pointshop that displays a webpage.

local XTab = vgui.Create( "HTML" ) 
XTab:SetSize( self:GetWide() - 20, self:GetTall()) 
XTab:OpenURL( "" ) 

tabs:AddSheet('Hello There', XTab, 'icon16/badge.png', false, false, '') 

It displays properly, scrolls properly, <input type=“submit”> is clickable, links are clickable;
but I can’t use dropdown <select> menus, and <input type=“text”> does not take focus.

I can select the text within the text box with the cursor, but when I type nothing shows up in the box, instead it just executes the game binds like walk, say, etc.

Any insight would be helpful, thanks

local XTab = vgui.Create( “DHTML” )
No luck.

You have to toggle the mouse and keyboard clickers first.

Thanks for the lead, but that didn’t seem to solve it.


It is and has been capturing some things, just not the <select> and text <input> boxes.

If I XTab:MakePopup() I am able to enter text in the <input> (delete key doesnt work) but the <select> box still doesn’t work at all.
And I’d rather this not be a popup.

**gui.EnableScreenClicker(true), no luck.
Has anyone got these things working, preferably outside of a MakePopup()?