gui.OpenURL Not working on my client

Hello everyone!

So recently, I have been having an issue where gui.OpenURL will only not work on my client, but everyone else can see the webpages and run the commands just fine. What happens is whenever I use a !forums that links to a forum page using gui.OpenURL, for me nothing happens: Nothing freezes, nothing moves, and the game keeps playing. If other people run the command, it opens the steam overlay with the page.

Currently I have:

  1. Validated Gmod Cache
  2. Checked on both steam and gmod that the overlay is enabled
  3. Used the steam browser to just open google, without gui.OpenURL
  4. reinstalled Gmod

Any other suggestions or solutions?

can you provide the code(even though it works for others)?

function ulx.forums( calling_ply )
local forums = ulx.command( "Scoreboard", "ulx forums", ulx.forums, "!forums" )
forums:defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_ALL )
forums:help( "Opens forums page" )