GUI Project for GMOD Server

Hey all, New 1.1.1 update is now live!!!

Latest Update: 1.1.1

Workshop ID. You can now list any workshop item that you have on your server(ex. Maps), so players can download from there instead of your server.
CPU Percent Time. Check the CPU usage while GMOD is running.
Game Mode specific executable. GServer creates a copy of “Srcds.exe” as the specified gamemode upon starting your GMOD server. Once the process closes the file removes itself for the next server launch. This allows the ability to start more than one instance of GServer and GMOD at the same time.
Sign in Key. Allows steam user ID’s to log in as themselves while hosting a server using GServer.
Memory usage. Allows visible working memory set that is allocated in Bytes by GMOD.
Threads. Show how many CPU Threads are used.
Crash Prevention. Checks if the process is responding. If the process returns false, GServer will automatically restart the process without notice.

Addressed text fields that would not disable after starting gmod server.
Disabled the Enter button to prevent commands to be tried within the console viewer of GServer.
Lifetime players will no longer reset after clicking “Stop” or “Reset” server buttons.

Current known Issues:
Console viewer slows down if there are lines well exceeding few thousand per 100/ms due to map errors listed from GMOD and the maps itself.
Closing GServer by the control button, clicking cancel will still terminate GServer.
Clicking “Restore Defaults” append the maps already listed in the map selections drop down menu.
Choosing the Dark Skin makes the Selected Menu tab hard to read.

The download:(Updated Link)



This kind of tools are awesome! But would do you mind in release sourcecode? Some server’s owners are a bit sceptical about this, and people will trust you more

Looks amazing! But as gonzalolog said above, would you be willing to release the source code? It would be nice to see how you did it.

Yeah I can use pastebin if that helps

We don’t mean like that. Submit it to either Github or just upload the zip file of the code to Dropbox.

Unless the code is literally one file which I highly doubt it is lol

yeah I just found that site kind of sucks actually… But I’m trying to get my Github to work… Not sure why not all of it is uploading… I uploaded the zip to my google drive for now atleast.

Edit: I would like those who want to contribute to at least let me know and I can add you to my github repository.


Hey everyone! I just wanted to post really quick about a new update. The updated information is listed at the top with what has been added and what the current issues are.

Please let me know if there are other issues as well within the tool I will quickly take a look and try to resolve in next update…

noht bawd. I like how simple it is while maintaining functionality. Will download later.

This looks pretty cool. Did you add the ability to automatically restart after a crash?

Does it have a string input to subscribe to a workshop collection? I can’t see one in the screenshots, so if not then I’d say it needed that before i would use it.

Well, after running it for about a week and a half or so now, I haven’t seen it crash… But it rarely crashed even without it, so if there is ever still an issue of the console crashing, definitely let me know so I can work on a hot fix for it.

No but it will now. lol. That would be pretty easy to implement. I will also be adding the authkey input as well now that you mention it. :slight_smile:

It is now updated to version 1.1.1, with workshop and sign in key support! More information at the top.

Well done, looks very promising. :smile:

Alright so it’s been a while since I have updated anything, however I have made a few changes to the current build recently, collecting garbage to hopefully optimize the performance over time. Added the browser feature in GServer. Also updated the new update directory making the last version obsolete.

Let me know what game modes that are needed or most popular that way I can add them before releasing the newest build.