GUI rendering altered by engine update?

Ever since Valve’s big game-breaking update, I’ve noticed some changes to various gui panels.

The console is lighter…
Before update: [Image]
After: [Image]

Certain backgrounds are way more transparent than they used to be…
Before update: [Image]
After: [Image]

And certain objects seem to be off-color…
Before update: [Image]
After: [Image]
This one may be related to the transparency thing, not sure.

Call me spoiled, but I feel these are bugs, and should be fixed in Gmod 12. 13 too, if they’re present.

surface.SetDrawColor(0, 0, 0, 220)
surface.DrawRect(1, 1, Wide - 2, Tall - 2)

That’s how the background for the middle two screenshots is made. The TTT scoreboard is the vanilla one.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really see this as being a bug or any sort of a real problem. Garry’s attention should be brought to more pressing matters such as the Garry’s Mod 13 beta rather than something like this, I believe your nit picking on this one good sir.

None of those have changed. You are looking at different colors in the background, In all of your “issues” you are in a darker area for the “after”. Nothing has changed, and nothing is wrong. You are imagining shit.

Before Update:

The black square to the right was added with Photoshop, and is at 78% opacity. (200 on 255-scale)

After Update

Again, 78%.

Am I still imagining shit?

Maybe Valve adjusted the alpha blending?

Looks much better now.

I think this should be reverted to stop styles from breaking, it’s just annoying.

No, mabye not. How about you do a real test, where you actually look at the exact same spot both times. Until you do that, the entire validity of your test is invalid since the objects/materials behind them differ and will give you different results.

Here’s what you can do, go on to gm_construct, and look at either the wall by standing int the same spot and at the same angles, or straight up at the sky. In doing this, your texture will be consistent, and you wont have to worry about the different materials becoming a factor.

Except for the part where that’s impossible since we can’t exactly take new screenshots of what it looked like pre-update.

That’s why I put the test patches in spots where the background was as close to the same as possible.

In garrysmod… NOTHING is impossible. Add an autorun hook for playerspawn to set the position of the player to something, and then set the eye angles to something else. Run that code on GM12 and GM13 on the same map. YAY! The exact same location and view. (You really don’t have to do this… Just proof of concept :v: )

This keeps happening between updates, hopefully garry will respond to this thread maybe.