GUI Russian Font [Russians only, i think]

Вообщем, делаю кастомное f4 меню для darkrp. Мне нужно написать текст с моим шрифтом, который я закинул в папку “fonts”, но когда запускаю сервер, русский шрифт отображается, как стандартный. Писал английской кириллицей, все работает, а вот русскую - не хочет :с
Как могу исправить?

I make a custom menu for f4 darkrp. I need to write text with my font that I threw in the folder “fonts”, but when I run the server, russian font is displayed as default. English cyrillic writing, everything works, but the russian - do not want to work.
How can I fix it?

When you open the font in Windows Font Viewer, use the name of the font listed there when you call CreateFont. Don’t use the file-name as font-name in Garry’s Mod.

I will do it. Its not working. I will use the name listed in a Font Viewer.

Make sure that the font gets downloaded and is in your GMod directory.

Im sure. I checked my gmod folder and my server folder and script. Font is working. Not only russian cyrillic works.

This issue was reported a while back, it appears it’s not fixed then.

It’s a bug with the game.

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Edit: Wait, it is or is not working?

oh :c

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it’s not working. It’s a bug with a game

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