GUI StudioMDL 2.x path problems

Ok so, ive been stuck on this for quite a while. Ive been stuck on setting up the paths for GUI StudioMDL 2.x. It needs to find a file called gameinfo.txt. All tutorials that I have looked at all say the same path and are most likely outdated! For example…

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\{your info}\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin 

As we all know, the steam pipe update kinda broke alot of things and now the sourcesdk folder is found in common. But upon clicking on the bin folder I get an error saying “Missing gameinfo.txt” Hopefully some of you guys who are making models will be able to help out someone lost in a confusing world! ;_;.

If you can post the paths to the ep1 files and orange box files then that would be great! No need to start from program files! Just go from “common”

Thanks for your time!

Use StudioCompiler 0.4a or Crowbar instead. I haven’t used Crowbar myself yet, but I hear it’s pretty effective. As for StudioCompiler, you can set the program to read from any Source game’s bin folder for the tools and tell it where to compile as well. Just make sure you type out the directory and the name of the .mdl file you’re wanting to decompile if you decide to use it for that as well.

Crowbar has not failed me yet, it’s a good program.