Guidance Towards Creation of A Dedicated Server

I am in need of creating a dedicated server. I am pretty much asking anyone who has successfully done it to give me guidance, kind of like making em their apprentice hehe. I am really dedicated on this new project of mine, and I am prepared to pay for the server hosting. I am just confused on certain things pertaining to, ports being forwarded, how to download the dark rp game mode and insert into the server (tortoise SVN???), the creation of a good .cfg file ( I have been going around writing down every command I’ve seen on other’s .cfg files so I can learnt o make my own. I want to know every single command for the Dark Rp world.), and how exactly to go about the whole thing of server creation. I ahve been through so many guides on Google, and I feel like you all will be more helpful than them. Thanks so much!!!

If you want to know how to host a dedicated server, don’t do all that junk.

Just go to the gmod wikipedia and it will guide you from there.

Just remember that your pc has to be pretty decent at least if you want to host a dedicated server.