[Guide]Few Tips for Noobies.

Ok i thought i’d make a little Thread of helpful hints for new players to rust. (Feel free to add your own and i’ll add when i can to First Post)

  1. First things first everyone should build a Sleeping Bag (20 cloth) Two deer / pigs place this down and you can re-spawn at your bag.
  2. Gather 80 wood by any means necessary craft 4 doors and place them in front of a tree in a square to make rectangle (will add images later) thus allowing you to gather wood a little more securely.

  1. For your first foundation (60 wood) place it over your sleeping bag (not sure if bug or glitch) Thus allowing sleeping bag to be hidden from would be players looking to destroy it.(or pick it up when you log off)
  2. Continue to harvest wood enough for the following 4 x wood pillar(60 wood) 4 x windowed walls/walled Doorway(80 wood) 4 x wood doors(80 wood) 1 x ceiling(80 wood) to create you a secure 1x1 box room.
  3. Fires(5 wood) and storage boxes(20 wood) place these as close to the center of 1x1 room as not to have people try to peer through walls to get at your stuff.
  4. To secure Storage Boxes place them inside your 1x1 doored rectangle as described in (2)of this post.

  1. When you log out try to log out with your valuables including your sleeping bag that way if there is a wipe you can keep your spawn point.
  2. Craft a spare sleeping bag if you have placed under foundations as you will loses it on map wipe.

from this you should now be able to harvest wood securely to build bigger fortress / base / village etc.

Secure in this game means from regular players not glitchers and hackers.

Not that I will use #3, but would your character still spawn on the floor of your base? Or under the foundation?

Half and half you jump up onto foundation

More tips please, thank you… and stay alive.

Really great guide, thanks for sharing :smiley: