[Guide] How to start without getting annoyed! (Beginners read)

Alright guys, I have played this game since months and although I am from Germany I try to share my experience and I will try to guide you- how to survive without getting annoyed!

You bought the game and now you join a server:

  1. choose your server wisely, for the beginning you should choose a server on which you can explore the map without getting shot( maybe you join a pve server)

There is no minimap but you need to know where you are ( somehow) , so use the first (~ 30 minutes ) to explore the map and to find a location which looks comfortable for you to build.

RUST Map :

  1. Alright, now you know how the map looks like and you have a general idea where you want to start, most likely you join a populated pvp server and get shot…

Now there are 2 ways:

2.1) You know how the map looks like and you know where you can find the crates with the blueprints ( Ignore the zombies and just keep running to the spawn areas of crates and loot them…if you die- it doesn´t matter !!! Just go to the next place where blueprints are spawning

2.2.) Try to get 20 cloth and some wood to make a shelter with a wooden door and a campfire and 1 little box … turn on the campfire JUST AT DAYTIME or the bullies gonna hunt you down at night.

Placement: place your shelter near 1 area where you usually can find lot s of blueprints from crates. ( Place your shelter somewhere, where it´s well hided…so not in an open area where people see you from 1 mile away)

Farm blueprints, when you found something good, just bring it back to your shelter and store it until you find a research kit ( make a workbench and research everything you find)

  1. You know how the map looks like, you have farmed some blueprints, now you need a house ( even if you have not found the metal door blueprint yet)

3.1) Location: This is probably the most important thing, if you build your house in an area which is in the center of the map it will get raided much faster

but secondly you should build your house in an area in which are a lot of resources.

So , what you do is just armed with NOTHING you run around and see where are a lot of resources with no big houses around it… big houses and actually a lot of big houses at the same place are a sign of a group living here together…you do not want to build right next to them without their invitation or will get shot while farming or raided…

(Hint: Keep in mind humans are playing this game and some dangerous neighbours are maybe offline when you are usually online, so you can choose where to farm resources or build depending on RL time)

  1. Ok, I have raided a lot of houses, since I am playing this game for a long time, if you have no metal doors , build as much wood doors as you can to protect your house…nobody is hatcheting 10 wooden doors or will blow them down without a GOOD reason… so if you are inconspicuous and have a house with lots of wooden doors…you should survive ( at least the time you are online)

  2. when you log off: Take as much stuff in your inventory as you can… make sure you have a door in your quick bar… so when you log back inn and your house got raided while you were offline, the first thing you do is , place the door …and be kind of safe for the moment

  3. Try to find friends: Don´t spamm the chat, do not run into a group of 6 kevlar guys and say something like “friendly friendly…”

If you see that your neighbour is home, try to visit him ( naked and without anything ) and tell him something nice ( use the VOIP if you have a mic)… DO NOT GET ANGRY when he kills you, my neighbour and me killed each other a lot of times before we became friends and fought together… pride is wrong in this game, you should be honourfull and when you see your neighbour who raided / shot you before is getting raided… help him ( even if you only have a pistol) and let him know that you are coming to help… he won´t forget that!

6.1) If you are good at organizing you can even try to make your own group of people, but you will most likely end up with a lot of newbies … which is no problem at all but you have to answer a lot of question maybe… so you need some experience before you do that…

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask… or if you have a specific problem with this guide ( some parts you did not understand because english is not my mother laguage)


Great guide, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:
Well u can still blow up walls so blowing up 10 doors or 1 wall? I kinda think the choice is made.

My personal shortened version:
Start on PvE to get used to the systems. Go to regular server. Just keep spawning and rushing radiated zones until you find the metal door blueprint (don’t worry it has a fairly high drop rate compared to other stuff). LEARN your blueprints AS SOON AS you pick them up, the knowledge lasts through death. Only now should you try to build a house, as ones with wood doors are too easily broken into…

Side note: When I have to start over, or am in unfamiliar territory I can usually find a house half fallen apart with the furnace and bench inside. Great for quickly making some stuff without a base nearby. You could also reclaim one of these as your own by fixing it back up and throwing a door on.

Last note: People will shoot you for no reason, no matter how good your house is or hidden someone will eventually find it and either raid and destroy or block you in. It’s part of the game, luckily your recipe knowledge stays with you, don’t get frustrated, keep at it.

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I like this map, shows loot areas clearly (most of them)

Problem is with that map it’s sideways and doesn’t show the entire main playing area (half is missing)

Yeah sure, no GREAT maps out right now, but thats the area most folks need to know fist because it shows the road and most loot areas, I say look at all the maps to give you the best idea of whats what. Also I copied, blew up, and rotated that map for my personal use. I actually have like 3 of those maps copied to my desktop for easy access.

Don’t start building your house until you have all the resources ready and crafted, including the door. That way you can throw it up all at once, and minimize the possibility of mid-construction greifing…

very nice!