Guide to a good server.

1)Not many people like servers with a massive maxplayer limit like 30 or 45, most people will join a server under 20 slots. People think that a >20 server is messy and is too crowded to RP or Build on properly. Get a 16/18/20 slot server instead and you will see more people will join.

  1. Also ONLY have the most common addons (Wiremod, PHX and Wire Extras. It doesnt matter if you think they are cool, other people may think they are a waste of time), no-one likes stitting around for ages downloading content from a server only to find out its all useless crap that they will never use elsewhere.

3)Run a popular map; like gm_construct, gm_flatgrass or rp_downtown_v2.

  1. If you are running DarkRP add some custom classes and shipments that will be unique to your server (Everyone likes a custom class).

  2. Add tags to show what is on your server e.g: wiresvn, phx, custom classes, custom shipments, darkrp. This will broaden the chance for people to find you and want to join you.

  3. Use a good server name that will catch peoples attention and want to use your server over the others.

Reply if this guide has made more people join your server than before. :slight_smile:

#1 I can’t fault at all. Huge servers totally remove the feeling of involvement everyone gets from eachother because most people will be on with their mates doing their own things.

#2 is a good suggestion for public/mainstream servers. Having build servers overloaded with stuff contributes to instability and the headache of trying to find every addon said server has if a list isn’t available. On slighty wackier servers, crazy addons are more than acceptable.

#3 is hit and miss. Some people look for popular maps, but others are instead interested in something different. If you have FastDL set up correctly, custom maps can be much more fun than the usual drivel which can be found in the server list.

#4 I have no comment on.

#5 is a good idea because being able to instantly categorise the servers you’d be interested in is a nice tool.

#6 this depends on how people use the server list. In my case I completely ignore server hostnames and instead do it by ping, then players, then map. If a server I join is good, I’ll try and remember the hostname or add it to my favourites.

Good suggestions :slight_smile:

  1. Disagreed, i have a server, its awesome stable…(crashed 1x in 15 hours while playing, it actually “restarts” self to be stable again) after 2 weeks of advertising and such, most of people who joining it are Fags and Morons, noone plays there who know wire and how to play gmod. Its a 12 Slot server…
    And I dont know why. I have been visited some servers…with good peoples there, and I can say, that my server is more stable as others.
    It has all of required addons, and no unnecessary / not important addons. Best maps, a good anti spam configuration. AND the best part is 0/12 or 1/12 <-minge btw.

So just remove “#1


There all good points, but pritty basic too. Also the one about player limits completely depends on the map/ server quality.

What do you mean with quality?
A stable server with all required addons and good admins/players?

Uh… how would I add tags to my SRCDS-run server?

I agree with all 5, especially #1, #3 and #5.