Guide to downloading addons from

This is a help thread for newbies to garrysmod so we wont have anymore help threads on installing addons.

This is a simple 10-step tutorial on how to install addons from

1: Download winrar from

2: Download a file of choice from

3: Open the .ZIP file.

4: When winrar has opened the file, there should be a folder in it, that folder contains your addon.

5: Right click the folder and say “extract to the specified folder”

6: locate your garrysmod folder ( C:/programfiles/steam/steamapps/(yoursteamID)/garrysmod – then open up that garrysmod folder and you will find another garrysmod folder.

7: Open the second garrysmod folder ans it should contain more folders like: addons, maps ect.

8: Click the folder corrisponding to the addon, so if your downloading props, entities ect, extract to the addons folder.

9: if you downloaded a map, extract to the maps folder.

10: Click the folder that your addon fits into and press yes.

And thats it, open up garrysmod and your addons should be there.


TIP: Before you start going through folders one by one, scroll your mousewheel and it will go to the last extracted folder, like addons. Its a good timesaver.

Have Fun.

**Leave your questions below **

If it has info.txt in it you put it in the addons folder.
If it doesn’t put it in the correct folder.

If the server keeps trying to download it on addons/“gamemode”/maps, then put the maps in that folder so you don’t get problems like infinite download

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Making this a sticky would be cool.