Guide to making a Roleplay Server

So, here’s the low down, I want to create a roleplay server but I need some advice from you guys, The Gamemode, addons, mods ect

Few things you could try and should not do.


  • DarkRP
  • Drugs mod
  • Alot of jobs
  • An open source for guns (Public gun use)

** You could try: **

  • HL2 Themed, or other theme other than Real Life.
  • Flag system.
  • Dont let everyone have Physgun/Toolgun. Make permissions.

Its still all optional though

What. Hl2 theme is original?

Why not real life? There are two or maybe one RL server that really works seriously.

Not optional rules :smiley:

Well, since the update i have no idea what to use for RP. I was running a fixed nexus but since the update i am not sure. I’m close to just making a DarkRP edit. But for your server, do you want a serious? Or are you more in it for the fun of mob wars and gunfights?

PROTIP: Mob wars and gunfights do not constitute roleplaying, they constitute deathmatch.

However, that is pretty much everything Darkrp is on almost every single server that uses it, and most of the ones who play there think that they are actually roleplaying.