Guided Missile fail

Im working on a remote controlled gunship

When i was using ranger-based targeting system everything was ok, but i have a problem with recently installed guided system.

If there is NPC it works wonderfully, but when field is clear of enemies, rocket targets the gunship itself! Is it possible to make something that would make the rocket just go straight when no target, self destruct or make the launcher stop firing missiles?

Could you give us more details about how the guidance system works?

Just sensor beacon + target finder wired to missile launcher.

What things are the target finder set to lock on to? You may have ‘Props’ ticked or something…

Could you also tell us what addon the missile launcher is from?

Target Finder settings:

Missile launcher is probably (i installed like five things before turning gmod on) from “Fly By Wire”

The range is like “99999999”

I don’t know how Fly By Fire works as it’s a pretty old addon, but I’m going to assume if it doesn’t have coordinates it locks onto the nearest object. I’ll try something with a “if then else” gate then post it if to see if you could get it to work.
Alright, go the Entity Gates bit, spawn a “Is Valid” gate, wire it to the Target Finder’s “1 [ENTITY]” output.
Then, spawn three “if then else” gates. Wire the “A” input of all of them to the Is Valid gate. Wire the “B” input of the first “if then else” to the X of the Beacon Sensor, the second gates B input to the Y, the third gates B to Z. Then wire the C of all the “if then elses” to a constant value of something that won’t hit the contraption. Wire the weapon’s X Y Z to the “if then else” gates in the same way you wired the Beacon Sensors XYZ to them.

I can’t find the “if then else” gate.

Gates:Comparison I think.

No it is not :slight_smile:
I don’t see it in any gate category. Isn’t it some manual E2 coding?

Whoops, “Selection”, sorry.

Oh, there it is! Thanks, i’ll try that.

BTW: Is there any entity launcher that is fully wireable, and fires less damaging missiles? Every one i have kills everything with one shot (ant guard two).

Okay, i have done that (with one change - no constant value. i wired it to ranger), and works almost flawlessly (in my new gunship made using hunter chopper - when im too close to the target, they still hit me, because four launchers are on wings, and if target is close targeting angle is too low and missile hits me), but it is ok.

You said “Fly By Wire” is old. What else, then? I’d love to have more things like that.

I advise PewPew.

SVN Link:

I have it, but i don’t see any new weapons inside. And i don’t know how it works, because it seems that it is some kind of entity creator.

I opened this repo and noticed my fault - i just created “Pew Pew” folder and downloaded everything from svn. It looks like that i need to manually move everything to its place.

Sorry, I meant this link.