Guidelines/suggestions for the devs to make Rust more original/fun/interesting...

I never played Rust since I don’t have a alpha/beta key and even if I had I could not play it because I am stuck on single core Atom netbook(ouch).

I have been on youtube and twitch, observing Rust from the available footage and even by observing it can be seen that even for basic pre-alpha/alpha Rust does not have some basic foundation and it has been semi-released a bit too early and according to Valve’s Gabe Newell philosophy, Rust could suck as a product forever. I am not here to bash but rather help.

Rust is in pre-alpha and from what I’ve seen, its a currently a mix of Minecraft, Dayz and a bit of my favorite Stalker :3

The exoskeleton of Rust has some great ideas that could have been** better implemented**, some obvious flaws have not been corrected, some things are non existent, its in pretty in a raw pre mature state right now even for an pre-alpha compared to even Front Mission Alternative Pre-Alpha for PlayStation 1. The devs should look at the whole game, look for flaws, get the whole picture and then decide how to fix and implement things in a proper less intrusive way and thus increasing enjoyment and gameplay experience.

I am going to be brief about what it should be implemented, changed and even possibly removed or modified.

Currently some weapons in Rust are too modern/powerful/accurate thus there is no challenge in PVP combat for the most time, anyone equiped with just an axe is DOA the moment they are logged/spawned thus life expectancy of a rookie/newcomer is just 1 minute at worst and at very best its 15 minutes when they are alone. Most of players don’t stand a chance to fight back, its unbalanced and kinda COD fest right now. Psycho’s at every 100-150m is common thing. I suggest that all current firearms be removed for now ultil there is a proper balanced way to build them with various tools, additional materials like chrome/oil-plastic/lead, assembling part by part in realistic fashion.Weapons that should be removed temporally: M9, M4A?, Shotgun, MP5, Grenade, C4 breach… I suggest more primitive weapons for the Rust can be made with various materials that are currently and in future available.

Spear - wooden base with spear being made out of sharpened rock/Advanced Spear - wooden base with spear made out of metal(deadlier) = Can’t harvest materials/food
Knife - wooden base with blade made out of sharpened rock/Advanced KKnife - wooden base with metal edge/Combat Knife - made entirely out of metal = Can harvest meat
Machete - wooden base with metal blade/Sword - entirely made out of metal/Katana - wooden base with metal blade made in thin layers = Can’t harvest materials/food

Slingshot - wooden base with skin string(rocks as ammunition)
Bow - wooden base with skin string/Advanced Bow - wooden base with elastic wire/Crossbow - wooden,metal base(two arrow types - rock or metal spearhead)

Single barrel shot - wooden base with metal pipe/Double barrel shot - wooden base with two metal pipes(pistol/rifle gunpowder with metal/rock fragments)
Breach charge single shot/double barrel shotgun/Revolver(similar as above, shotgun or standard bullet)

Bolt Action Rifle(w/ or w/o magazine clip, w/ or w/o scope addon)
Primitive semi-auto pistol - Mauser-Luger / Pistol - M1911-P38-Browning-TT30 / Advanced Pistol - Scorpion-StechkinAPS
SMG - StenGun-Thompson /Advanced SMG - M3GreaseGun-UZI
Pump Action Shotgun - WinchesterM1912-IthacaM37
Semi/Auto Rifle - SKS-M1Carbine-AK47-AK74-HK33
Semi Sniper Rifle - Dragunov
Machine Gun - RPK-M60-RPK-74

Only food in the game is currently just meat, no vegetables/fruit to pick up and no agro-culture in the game at all. Hopefully the devs will add soon into the game. I suggest:
Apple trees, carrot, union, tomato, rice, wheat, etc… Recipes for food should be available in game, thus cooking meals and mixing them together should add a bonus in nutrition.

Research should be done by trial and error or not if you found the recipe.

Rust has vehicles, but its only spawned by Admins/Devs and its a sport car so in reality there are no vehicles currently and surely devs will add them later. First transportation should be via donkey that would carry a lot of items or horse that can carry less but it faster, carriage is the next phase for transportation of several people first early mechanical vehicles should be in style of early 1910-1920’s and then 1940-60’s and modern ones as 1980-2000’s(include light armored cars/buggies). Boats should be also possible, not battle ships but ordinary boats, some with engines, more advanced ones would be armored and have mounted guns also simple planes and helicopters.

Mobile weapons eg cannons or mortars should be included for siege of stone/cement forts.

Depends on how advanced is the knowledge of a player and for more complex vehicles there should be several players involved in the research.

There are not much variety in resources at all, there should be added more variety in food and materials. We need Oil that can be turned into plastic, bronze for wires and devices, ingredients for glass and other things. Current food sources are all meat from pigs,chickens and deers, there should be also meat from fish and local vegetables and fruits.

Currently all players spawn with military cloth and there is only cloth armor, there is no ordinary shirts, pants or improvised cloth to be made. Since Rust is semi survival and post apocalypse also, so we need more Mad Max, Rage styled clothes, we need some atmosphere into the game a theme. Improvised armor too.

AI Enemies:
Current enemies are generic place holder zombies, I suggest mutants since there is radiation in the game and wild animals that could attack in defense and just for the fun there could be AI soldiers that could pop up with some advanced weaponry to research and eliminate local population for example a notorious survivalist faction doing nasty experiments and creating own monsters. PvE should greatly improve gaming experience and more players will feel like winners in a way.

Rust needs more weather, rain, hot days, storms, even a small tornado with events like mutant migration and few small asteroid hitting the area where the players could be around and possibly damaging the buildings and bases of players that don’t expect an asteroid to hit their base. I suggest these kinds of events so there is less times for players to be bored or something. Distractions are always good, admins and devs could observe the response of players and do some science work. :slight_smile:

Rust needs badly a clan/faction system since currently only people that have friends have a clan, sort of so social component for a clan/faction is needed for the players that are playing alone and don’t have a simple way to create a faction/clan/guild. People that want to play with someone they don’t know, they need an option to have a structure. clan/guild system will increase trust to players that have a comrade that they never meet in real life and in reality don’t know him.

This would reduce attacks on newcomers and there would be more clan to clan wars.

From what I’ve seen trough out the videos that there are only wooden parts for the building except for the metal door, stone should be used to making buildings also and then metal doors would actually have some real purpose since in reality its easier to destroy wood compared to metal. You simply can not kill the metal. There are literally tons of things that can be added and hopefully devs are already planning to add some interesting things.

There also should be wooden fences with spikes that damage the player, also fences and barb wire. anti infantry mines and traps should be made for defense against invaders, currently there aren’t much that can help you in defense if you are rapidly outnumbered by the enemy.

This is all for now, hopefully you will understand what I am trying to say. Hopefully my english language knowledge is good enough :smiley:


About the AI, is it run by client or by the server only? If its by a server only then I suggest the devs to start learning how to program for AMD’s HSA/hUMA architecture in upcoming APU codenamed Berlin so they can offload AI pathfinding onto an APU’s GPU since CPU is really not an ideal way for an AI pathfinding. HSA/hUMA is also inside Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Also for harvesting resources like wood or stone should be harder and those mountains and stone hills should be stone/metal resources and mining should be done there. If you can get wood out of the trees then you logically can get stone/metal and other ore out of mountains and stone hills. Just saying :wink:

I really like what you’ve said here. The weapons you have suggested i agree with also, however i don’t think there should me a machine gun (LMG), maybe just keep such a gun like an M4, and for fresh spawns, maybe they could spawn them with better equipment, or such things like spawn protection where they can’t, and no one else can, attack them for a period of time. Maybe areas of PvE. Where people can go and build civilizations, then other areas of the map where you can free build but there’s bandits, not sure really how to explain that.

I agree with lot’s of things you have stated above, I think there should be some improvised weapons such as home-made shotguns (firing pin has potential to jam, ect.) along with military grade weapons such as the current M4 (I doubt somebody could make a standard-issue M4 by from mined materials).

Thank you…

LMG’s should be available for fortifications and sieges, LMG’s are resource costly to make and also heavy thus it should make you slower. M4 is an very advanced weapons, AI enemy soldiers should have them so in case you stumble upon them then you can get from them after you kill them.

Fresh spawns should have slightly better equipment when it comes to basic body armor and a torch as a light source trough out the woods while there should not be spawn protection but a measure that when you aim at freshly spawned player then if you attack him then you get penalty in health and if you kill him then you also die while freshly spawned player can not attack players in first 5-10 minutes and vice versa.

I suggested PvE and hopefully it will get implemented.

There could be a “safe” place but its kinda pointless, except if there will be an abandoned city controled by strongest player faction and so you could then be in a safe place if they are not hostile.

I know what are you trying to say.

You guys are focusing waaaaay too much on how weapons are overpowered and “too modern”. It has nothing to do with weapon strength. And never limit PvP to zones, that’s just asking for trouble. Especially in this game.

Sorry, I have to disagree with a bunch of things up in the OP.

I do not oppose your view, they are too modern for an apocalypse set game if Rust is indeed that kind of game and how in the hell would you craft an M4 from scrap metal without proper tools for rifleing, no hammer for shaping the metal and other things?

I did not suggest to limit PvP zones as you claim, I suggested some protection for newcomers and PvE so that people just don’t focus solely on PvP. Nobody is asking trouble, you are wishing it.

Thanks for your opinion.