Anyone know where to find tutorials for gmod? I’m assuming there’s a thread in a forum somewhere with guides to being a better g-modder. I’d appreciate if someone could link them, but a quick question to begin with…how do I get rid of the regular map lightning and only use my own lightning I place? I build an entirely enclosed building but the lightning from the “sun” outside is still coming in…suckish, how do I fix it?

Though I’m not an expert on how light works in source games, I think that there are a few bugs when it comes to light and props. I notice that when you have a couple props stacked over each other, shadows will appear on the ground as though there were nothing there.

To answer your light question, light is controlled by the map itself. I do believe there are a few mods that allow you to control the dynamic lighting in a map, it doesn’t come to much use if the lighting is static though. Static light cannot be modified in a compiled map.

So, is there a way to make a map by hand that contains no natural light by itself? Maybe a “base” map maker, other than on gmod itself, not using maps from other games and/or it’s base flatland grass area thing, so I can make a blank map without a sun or natural light source?

you can make your own maps using the source sdk