Guild Wars 2 model ripping/extracting methods?

With the recent announcement of the core game for Guild Wars going free to play, I decided I’d take a look and see what I could rip and/or extract from the game. However, I haven’t been able to find anything in particular in terms of any specific programs for extracting models and textures from the game before I start doing so, so I thought I’d see if any of you folks might know of anything that might help. I think Ninja Ripper might work, but I just want to be sure before I jump in to the process.

3D Ripper DX also works

Ninja ripper does in fact work. Rips the models in T-Pose, but I’ve ran into a few issues. Certain models, such as hair cloth, don’t rip T-posed and can be too deformed to work with. What I assume to be mesh-deformations don’t rip, so if for example you have a Norn with a certain bodytype, the model you’ll get will be the default norn shape.

As far as I’ve ripped texture-wise, Diffuse textures rip as they are dyed in-game, that is to say Ninjaripper doesn’t rip the color map like it does for Warframe. The diffuse textures have an alpha channel which is used as a specular map. For normal maps, in blender at least, you’ll need to invert the green channel or else you’ll get some depth/seam issues.

Hair diffuse maps are fine for the most part, but I can’t quite figure out their normal maps, that is if they’re even normal maps or if they’re some type of anisotropic map. Here’s an example

That’s all I can think about ninjaripper for the time being, but if you want to go alternative routes, there’s one more that I know of. I’ve used GW2Browser to get geometry that was otherwise unrippable(hair/cloth/physics models), but if you’re to use gw2browser, you must first know that it doesn’t sort the models in any useful order. Browsing through the horrifically long list of models might be too time consuming for most. There was a Noesis script for gw2, but I think it’s been dead and outdated for a while now.

I recently stumbled upon this website which is able to read Gw2 maps and lets you fly through them:
It’s capable of loading models and textures, so the question of whether or not the model files are exportable is a yes. I just hope we get some tools/scripts for exporting/exploring models/animations/textures in the future.