Guilty Nazi Officer "What have i done"

View from his back

View from his side

Firstperson view

And the whole stuff going on this scene

Not worth its own thread… Post in the “Want To Post A picture” thread

It’s ever so slightly better than your last pose. Slightly.

What did that officer do–open up on them with a .50? There should NOT be that much blood flying around. Did he shoot them all eight times each with that pistol?

pick one angle and stick to it jfc

and quality over quantity; practice for several days - a week preferably - before making a thread again

Alright i will post my pictures to that thread from this moment, until i make an amazing one.

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Lol thank you that comment made me happy

troll confirmed

I laughed so hard at this part “Did he shoot them all eight times each with that pistol?” can you please end this hostility?
+and his positive comment

Honestly it’s only like a 5% improvement over the last one. You’re showing some very slight improvement, which is a good sign, but think a little more realistically when you make poses like that.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I didn’t mean that to be funny. The pose is alright for newbie stuff and the concept is a good one, but so much in this scene is either blown way too far out of proportion or just simply does not work.

And like Joazzz said, do only one shot and make that one as good as you can as opposed to four different shots.

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Also, don’t make threads for scenes unless they’re top-notch quality. We have a thread for little poses.

i might. but first you’re going to have to start ramming our criticism up your exhaust pipe and down the cakehole so that you can improve. if you keep posting just mediocre stuff en masse people will eventually start to hate your guts for not showing any improvement.

of this set the first pic is the best one i think. next time choose just one angle, because doing this “view 1 view 2 view 3” kills the dramatic illusion of the scene (in the case that there is one).

also, lighting. can you use lamps? does your PC support dynamic shadows? if yes, look up “three point lighting”. google it.

try to go for a specific color scheme. learn color theory, that helps a lot.

never zoom out with the camera (!!!) and remember the rule of thirds when setting up the composition.

I appreciate and thank for your informative comments

I Think its really good, its not as empty as most people make there scenes, could use better editing. but aside from the camera angle, or… angleS. and the Horrible DOF, it was a good scene.