Guistudio Compile problem

I keep getting this.

Created command line: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\hggh7\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\studiomdl.exe” -game “c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\SourceMods\Sonic” -nop4 -nox360 “C:\Users\Gaming Profile\Desktop\Sonic Into Gmod\sonicworkingcompile2.qc”

WARNING: AppFramework : Unable to load module materialsystem.dll!
WARNING: Unable to load interface VMaterialSystem079 from materialsystem.dll

It wasn’t doing this a couple of weeks ago. And Cannon Fodder’s version stopped working weeks ago. Whats going on? I am about to refresh the content. Maybe that will fix it. If not what is going on?

Put it in the sdk/bin/ep1/bin it works fine in there. I’m suprised you even got it to work in the sdk/bin/orangebox/bin folder before.

I don’t have ep1. It doesn’t work their. And its on my desktop.

Doesn’t matter if you have ep1 or not the sdk will always have that folder. Put the studiomdl.exe in the sdk/bin/ep1/bin, trust me it should get it to work, even if your compiling for OB.

I got it to work, I refreshed the content.

Good to know :slight_smile: