GUIStudio mdldecompiler.qc

ERROR: c:\users\userid\desktop
ew folder\compile\mdldecompiler.qc(164): - unknown controller Bad

line 164: %lower_lip_active = Bad stack

So I tried to compile it, didn’t change anything but a small portion of the model, nothing major.
No understanding whatsoever about what’s wrong.
Of course by “changing” I meant moving and scaling vertexes. Did not delete anyhting.

Someone experienced - please help me! :frown:

It says that line 164 in the QC has a faulty command. Just load the QC up in Notepad++ (get it right now if you don’t have it, it saves lives) and scroll down to line 164 and fix it. You can try commenting it out too.

i had it already :3
I’ll try now thanks

Though I don’t really KNOW what’ll fix it :S
I’m not acquainted with coding qc files at all.
Anyone got an idea of what the right command could be? Or how to comment it out?