GuiStudioMDL : Can't find steam app user info !!

I’m getting this error !

I know there is many posts with same and with solutions but every solutions i tried are not working :

  • My GarrysMod/bin folder don’t have studiomdl.exe so can’t compile directly from here
  • When i use Source SDK compiler, i get Can’t find steam app user info…
  • Using Counter Strike : Source studiomdl.exe to compile : impossible i’ve not CS:S (too expensive)
  • Using HL2 studiomdl.exe : impossible i’ve not HL2 (too expensive)

I only have Gmod (that a friend has gave to me as a steam present) and TeamFortress 2. I just have CS:S and HL2 Ep1/Ep2 as game content addons (otherwise i can’t get into any server)…

Is there any way to solve that error ?

EDIT : I forgot the Valve’s solution is not working and when i try to use StudioCompiler : I get StudioCompiler.exe has stopped working windows is searching a solution to the problem…

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I find a way of using orangebox… But now the problem is that there is no way to access the prop ingame…

Also i’ve done that only by putting the model and textures in the GarrysMod/garrysmod directory…

Try using the source film maker compiler, so install SFM from steam and then navigate to
E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\bin
(your respective directory)

echo off
title compiling QC for %* using studiomdl.bat
color 4F
"%VPROJECT%\..\bin\studiomdl.exe" -verbose -game "%VPROJECT%" %*

copy paste this into a text file and save it as a .bat file then drag-drop your qc on it or even better just drag-drop onto studiomdl’s exe

Do models compiled with SFM/bin tools refuse to work in Gmod? Well, the physics and everything work but the model itself doesn’t show up visually.

Also, try using Source2009, I use it for Gmod.

Dumping the Source SDK 2013 content in my Source SDK folder isn’t efficient but it lets me compile with the standard compiler over the SFM one in case any issues come up.

you configure GUIStudioMDL to read the new source tools, which is located in Half-Life 2/bin
it also has various other locations, but i personally use Half-Life 2/bin

should read op more
first off hl2 isnt expensive, pretty sure its 10 bucks on steam, i could be wrong.
second off, the source bases might have studiomdl with them.