GUIStudioMDL- could not load file

Hi guys,

I just ripped a AN4 Night Vision scope off some model and when I compiled it it did not show in game. (missing model error).
I went back to the qc and google, and found I was missing a $cd
Silly me.
Anyway, that brings me here. After recompiling it it showed an error-
ERROR: c:\users*my user name*\desktop\gosh\an4.qc(3): - could not load file '‘C:\Users*my user name*\Desktop\gosh/AN4.smd’
ERROR: Aborted Processing on ‘models\weapons\w_models\AN4\AN4.mdl’
My current .qc is:

$cd 'C:\Users*my user name*\Desktop\gosh
$modelname “models\weapons\w_models\AN4\AN4.mdl”
$model “AN4” “AN4.smd”
$cdmaterials “models\weapons\AN4”

$scale 1
$surfaceprop “metal”

$sequence idle “AN4.smd” fps 1

$collisionmodel “AN4.smd” {
$mass 50.0
$inertia 1.00
$damping 0.00
$rotdamping 0.00

Am I missing anything? The .smd is in the gosh folder.

Unless I am mistaken, shouldn’t $model “AN4” “AN4.smd” be labeled as $model “studio” “AN4.smd”? Every time I’ve changed anything other than the .SMD file being used, it always seems to give me that same error.

Thanks for the help, but it didn’t work :c
Same error.

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Wow I’m an idiot.
$cd 'C:\Users*my user name*\Desktop\gosh
should be
$cd “C:\Users*my user name*\Desktop\gosh”
forgot the quotes. However, I still cannot see my model in game-at missing model error. How do I apply the textures? The model is there (I can walk over it ingame etc) it’s just invisible.

Glad to hear you solved the problem for it not compiling.

If you applied the textures to the model with the 3D modeling program you are using, it should be fine unless have the “$no_draw” “1” function in use for the .VMT’s. Depending on what program you are using, it should be fairly easy to assign the .VMT’s to the corresponding parts of the model.

Because I ripped the scope off a pre-existing model, I have the pre-existing textures. Will I have to somehow reapply them to the ripped scope?

You shouldn’t have to if you placed them in the proper directory and modified the .VMT(s) for the scope itself to direct to the same directory. However, you should still check your .VMT files to see if the “$no_draw” “1” line is present. If it is present in any of them, you’ll have to delete that line.

If none of the .VMT files have that line in them however, then you might need to reassign the textures to the entire model setup manually. This shouldn’t be necessary, but there’s always the rare case every now and then.