GUIStudioMDL Crash..

Every time I try to compile this one model, my compiler freezes at the point where it gathers the .SMD files.
The model is a view model for a weapon, and the .qc is quite simple.



View Model Brickbat


$modelname “weapons/v_BB_CrematorHead.mdl”
$cdmaterials “Models/weapons\V_BB_crematorhead”
$cd “c:\documents and settings\hp_owner\my documents\damn_folder”

// whole body
$body studio “V_cremator_ref.smd”

$origin 0 0 68

$sequence idle01 “v_cremator_anim.smd”

Does anyone know what to do to help?

try using cannonfodders studio compiler or even the old fashion way f dragging the QC over the original studio compiler that comes with the sdk

Ok, I’ll try that when I get home.