GuiStudioMDL for Left 4 dead?

I see it only supports Orange Box and Ep1 engines, I get an error with Left 4 dead.
Is there any patch/alternative to use it with L4D hammer?

I thought you could use any Source usable models in L4D Hammer? (at least i’ve seen them used and no-one said anything about converting anything).

Never mind, problem was unrelated to Left 4 Dead :downs:

What was the problem?

I had some mdls for the Ep1 engine that I couldn’t get to work in L4D. So I tried decompiling them, recompiling them, hoping it would work… and I got that error while recompiling.
I just had to copy filesystem_steam.dll to orangebox/bin.

But now I have another problem…
Is there any other way to convert an Ep1 mdl to a L4D mdl? This doesn’t seem to be working.