GUIStudioMDL isn't working

I click compile and it only runs this command:

I tried with different games and different engines (EP1 and Orange Box).

I got this problem, yet was able to fix it by copying all the dll files from your /steamapps/username/team fortress 2/bin and put them in /steamapps/username/source sdk/bin/orangebox/bin. Hope this works for you too.

Nope. Nothing.

I got the same thing actually. Go into source SDK, choose the engine and game, then hit refresh content. Wait till it finishes and then try it

Ok, I reinstalled all of Source SDK and now I get this:

The files are all there. It just won’t acknowledge them.

Try using the studiomdl.
Open the hlvm and drag your qc on the studiomdl.exe (or batch that launches it with a %1 in case the exe won’t work)

Still nothing. This is irritating.