Guitar hero 3 Model Pack

[release][tab]Name:[/tab]Guitar Hero 3 Model Pack


[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s mod, Guitar Hero 3?


This pack contain’s
over 50 guitars,13 ragdolls and more…

Just extract it into your garrysmod folder

Suberiji - Doing most of the guitar and other misc. stuff
Copyrights, Aspyr Media

Hooray :smiley:

Looks cool.

Holy shit this is so incredibly awesome. Downloading right now.

Yea we thinks that too :smiley:
But now we don’t have a game to rip from anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha awesome job man.

I want the same with WT!!!

Zakk wylde in Gmod…ARGH ME WANTS

Great job :smiley:

I love you…


woot, now i can do what i always wanted to do to the singer (one if black shirt)… muhahahaha

added another link for all filefront haters

Yay! It’s released! Downloading immediatly.

Woop, released!

Awesome pack, just, awesome.

Awesome pack, awesome job guys!!!

can u do a guitar swep ?
u can hit from mouse1 and play music that healzz from mouse2

Downloading it

Awesome! Glad to see a complete pack with ragdolls.

Fuck yes! Released at last!!!
But we still don’t have a proper drumkit…

There was a guy who said he was gonna rip models and props from every GoldSrc game up to CZ, but unfortunately it died, so if you have the games, there’s your idea!

sorry but i think we found our new game :slight_smile: