Guitar Hero 5 ragdoll? plz

can someone plz ragdoll pandora from guitar hero 5 to gmod?(face posable) I’m trying to learn how to do that ,but until then… someone?

i would appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think there’s a Guitar Hero porting thread, and they might have made some progress.



Guitar Hero’s not GTA, my friend

I messed up and wrote GTA, let me fix that. SORRY, I WAS CONFUSED.

i Like to see i requested Kurt Cobain & Matthew Bellamy Time ago


come on :smiley:

ok… well this caught my eye as lead on GH porting, find a copy on pc an i’ll do it

thanks,but i dont think it’s for pc but i’ll see what i can do.

but can you do some from world tour?

i am doing world tour, but it’s halted whilst i search for a way to crack the file type so they aren’t bitches to rig

ok thats cool